Nestled in the heart of Akron, Ohio, the birthplace of AA, we have built our lives upon the foundation of recovery and have found our purpose in helping others. We have found a creative way to share our light and our truth with our fellows, while we continue down our path alongside them.  Not long after we were married in 2016, we began to share our work and were overwhelmed with the response we received. We began creating items by request and, after a few short months, began a small business that brought us immeasurable reward, gratitude and purpose. We continue to grow and develop our business, learning through our mistakes, just as we do in recovery and in our lives.


Getting sober in 1994, Jeff has maintained an active role within the recovery community through his service positions, sponsorship, volunteering and work with others.  After moving to Akron in 2000, he was presented with an opportunity to learn about stained glass, while volunteering at the Akron Inter-group Office. He worked alongside several glass artists over the course of one year, constructing the front window of the office, a 5’ x 10’ stained glass panel that depicts the image, “Man on the Bed”. This experience began his 20-year journey of learning, practicing and mastering the art of stained glass. A welder by trade, Jeff also has a passion for metal work and photography, often combining these mediums in custom pieces.


Stumbling into the rooms in 2007, Raquel found her path to recovery to be quite challenging. Fueled by the healing power of art and guided by others who came before her, she has overcome many obstacles to achieve long-term sobriety. Raquel holds a bachelor’s in psychology and is completing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, with extensive training in art therapy. Raquel enjoys her work in mental health and often uses creative methods to guide others on their paths to healing. She has found her light in her years of painting and exploring various mediums, offering custom work by request.

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